Grants for Nonprofits and Community Organizations in Augusta, Georgia

Augusta, Georgia is home to a number of service organizations that provide grants to local nonprofits and community organizations. From the Augusta Bar Association Foundation to the Mary Warren Foundation, there are a variety of organizations that offer grants to support the needs of the community. The Augusta Bar Association Foundation was founded with the main objective of improving and promoting the administration of justice. To this end, the Board of Directors has adopted a policy of using Foundation resources to provide funding and support to programs and organizations designed to improve the lives and opportunities of at-risk, disadvantaged, and underserved youth within the Augusta Judicial Circuit.

The goal is to provide these young people with alternatives to crime, violence, substance abuse, and illiteracy, with a corresponding reduction in the burden on our courts and justice system. The Community Enablement Fund allows the Junior League of Augusta (JLA) to allocate funds to nonprofit community agencies. The annual grants are awarded for a specific purpose and will be used in the Augusta area. After the annual deadline, the Community Council evaluates applications and decides how funds will be allocated.

The Mary Warren Foundation provides grants to U. S. nonprofit organizations to strengthen the relationship between the United States and Israel, instill pride in the Jewish people, and combat discrimination, hate, and intolerance. Applications are accepted from organizations in California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, and Michigan.

Women in Philanthropy is a charitable organization of more than 200 women in the central Savannah River area of Georgia and South Carolina who are committed to a philanthropic effort focused on the unique needs of women and children within local communities. They provide grants to U. nonprofit organizations and Canada in several states and provinces to benefit the local community. The Porter Fleming Foundation offers grants to U.

nonprofit organizations or government agencies, IHEs (Institutions of Higher Education), CBOs (Community-Based Organizations), hospitals, religious organizations, or tribal organizations to operate a national counseling and information service for people affected by Alzheimer's disease. The JLA also provides grants to U. nonprofit organizations or tribal organizations for construction projects that benefit military veterans in eligible communities. In addition, they offer grants to nonprofit religious organizations or community organizations in the United States or territories to provide health services to disadvantaged populations.

Donations without restrictions from donors are distributed through the annual competitive grant process designed to help nonprofit organizations meet changing needs in the CSRA region. Contracts for services are also available for Georgia non-profit organizations and IHEs in places eligible for arts and cultural programs. Finally, grants are available from U. S., Canadian, and international projects for projects that address community needs in eligible locations as well as from U.

S., Canadian, and international programs for programs that directly benefit people in need. The funding is intended to support organizations working to achieve social change that improves native communities in a variety of focus areas including youth and intergenders. Grants are also available from nonprofit organizations in Texas, California, Florida, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Maryland, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Washington DC., and Michigan in eligible cities for activities that benefit underserved youth.

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