Scholarships in Augusta, Georgia: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you looking for scholarships to help you pursue your educational goals in Augusta, Georgia? Look no further! There are a variety of scholarships available from service organizations in the area that can provide the financial assistance you need. The Josephine Clark Tutt Memorial Scholarship, Drew Passmore Battlewon Foundation, and Alex Newton Scholarship are all great options for those looking for financial assistance. The Ruth F. Y.

Membership Scholarship or Program is also available to help those from all walks of life with their educational needs. Additionally, the HOPE Scholarship provides money to outstanding students from Georgia who plan to attend college in the state. The Blake Hadden Memorial Scholarship is another great option for student athletes who excel both academically and athletically. The Sam Tyson Eagle Scout Scholarship Fund was created by the Kiwanis Club of Augusta to help young people become productive citizens.

The WID AC Scholarship is named in honor of Grace Brewster Murray Hopper and is open to students interested in pursuing a major at the Mercer School of Engineering. The Augusta Technical College offers business and industry associations, as well as training and services that support the development of the local workforce. The Augusta Tuskegee Alumni Club provides scholarships to help cover college attendance costs. The Augusta Kiwanis Club Scholarship is available to local students who reside in nearby Augusta, Georgia (Richmond, Columbia, Burke, or Aiken counties only).

The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards honor students in grades 5 through 12 for making significant contributions to their communities through volunteer service. Finally, the Lewis Cenker Scholarship Fund is a nonprofit organization created in 1977 by the Georgia Home Builders Association. If you are looking for scholarships offered by service organizations in Augusta, Georgia, there are plenty of options available! From the Josephine Clark Tutt Memorial Scholarship to the Lewis Cenker Scholarship Fund, there are plenty of opportunities to help you pursue your educational goals.

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