Becoming a Member of a Service Organization in Augusta, Georgia

If you're looking to join a service organization in Augusta, Georgia, there are several steps you'll need to take. To be eligible for a position with the Richmond County Sheriff's Office, applicants must pass a physical examination and drug test as scheduled by the agency. After meeting all the requirements and qualifications, the applicant must be approved by vote by the chapter to complete the selection process. Each chapter has its own criteria for sponsoring new members.

The Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning (DECAL) uses the GA ATLAS database system to efficiently receive and process applications from organizations that wish to sponsor the Happy Helpings program. Organizations that have completed the training can apply to the Happy Helpings program and submit supporting documentation online. All complete and accurate requests, including the online part and documentation, will be approved or rejected within 30 days of the end date. DECAL will review, modify, and approve the budget submitted by the organization.

This approval process may require an on-site visit to determine the sponsor's ability to successfully operate the program. Upon completion of the approval process, an approval letter is sent to the sponsor that details the approved sites and budget. Organizations must also manage a strong, tax-responsible program in which only reasonable, allowable costs are charged to the Happy Helpings program and must keep corresponding invoices and receipts. Once an organization's request has been approved and the pre-operative visit has been successfully completed, they will be considered an authorized sponsor of the Happy Helpings program.

In addition, organizations must serve meals and snacks that meet the Happy Helpings program meal pattern and maintain daily, weekly, and monthly records that include menus, number of participants attending, and number of meals served at each service point. Outreach requires working with individual organizations, communities, and coordinating organizations to encourage participation in the Happy Helpings program. The Augusta Chapter was originally organized as the Augusta Mothers Club in January 1968 and was sponsored by the Savannah Chapter. For more than 50 years, partner mothers of this chapter have established a foundation of culture, service, and philanthropy for hundreds of children.

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