What Services Do Service Organizations in Augusta, Georgia Offer?

The VA Augusta, GA Health Care System provides a variety of services through its Healing Arts program. From the Healing Arts Gallery wall to Music at Midday, the program aims to support local artists and musicians to bring joy to patients, families, staff and more. Artists who wish to showcase their work can display it on the second floor of the Gallery of Healing Arts. The works are published on a monthly rotating basis, giving those at the UA Medical Center a chance to view renowned pieces from the CSRA community.

If you or someone you know is interested in participating in the Healing Arts Program, fill out our interest form. Adults can benefit from occupational therapy services that promote the development of fine motor skills, coordination, and sensory integration. Physical therapy services address participants' physical therapy needs derived from developmental disabilities, helping them gain gross and fine motor skills and become more independent. Speech and language therapy services preserve participants' speech communication capacity and function. Behavioral support consultation is available for those with significant, intensive, and challenging behaviors that interfere with activities of daily living, social interaction, work, or similar situations. Service organizations can build trust in their services and controls through a System and Organization Controls (SOC) report from an independent certified public accountant (CPA).

Augusta Moore Colson, an Atlanta-based firm, provides SOC report audits to companies in Augusta and across Georgia. Our team has been providing SOC preparation and assurance services for more than 25 years. Our wide range of experience allows us to more easily understand a company's risk profile, areas of exposure, and important test variables. The adaptation of vehicles includes adaptations to participants' (or family members') vehicles approved in the individual service plan. These may include hydraulic lifts, ramps, special seats, and other modifications to allow access inside and outside the vehicle as well as safety while moving.

Other services offered include spiritual and emotional care, grief support groups, the grief card program (which provides cards to the families of every patient who dies in the hospital), assistance with advanced health care instructions, specialized medical equipment, community life support services, financial support services, transportation services, and support coordination. The AUHS Furry Friends program is a pet therapy program that uses trained volunteer caregivers and their certified adult dogs for accompanied visits to patients, families, and staff who would enjoy the company of a furry friend at the Georgia Medical Center or Cancer Center. As service organization customers become increasingly intelligent, they often need a SOC report as a standard part of the vendor risk management process. We also provide services to help companies implement the new lease accounting standard (ASC 84) and achieve compliance and certification with System and Organization Controls (SOC).

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