The History of Service Organizations in Augusta, Georgia: A Comprehensive Overview

In 1936, a group of Augusta's civic leaders came together to form the Character Coalition with the aim of unifying community fundraising efforts. They wanted to REDEEM some of their free time for personal community service benefits. Augusta Animal Services is dedicated to enforcing state laws and local ordinances related to the care and control of animals, protecting life and property, and raising public awareness of responsible pet ownership. They strive to provide humane solutions to stray and homeless pets in the community through initiatives such as returning them to their owners, adoption, rescue, and foster care. The Cancer Support Services Project is committed to providing cancer patients with support for their financial and emotional needs, including lodging and transportation services, to facilitate their treatment and healing. The Comfort House in Augusta, Georgia offers low-cost short-term lodging and supportive companionship in a homely environment for families and caregivers of out-of-town patients receiving care at hospitals in the area. United Way has a long history of volunteer leadership, fundraising, and community service that dates back more than eight decades.

In 1996, the Board established an independent non-profit organization called the Augusta Exchange Club Charity Fund. This fund was created to maintain capital and grow revenues which could be distributed annually to various charities. The Augusta Exchange Club is active not only in the communities surrounding Augusta but also across the country. Eight members have been state or district presidents while one member (Millard Beckum) served as national president and national treasurer. Donations to Girl and Boy Scouts, Girls and Boys Clubs, Future Farmers and Future Homemakers of America, 4-H Clubs, and scholarships to local colleges and universities were prioritized.

These donations were added to the prizes that many young people took home in various competitions held at the Fair itself. In addition to these organizations, the Exchange Club contributes heavily to organizations dedicated to preventing child abuse - a cause close to its heart. Since its inception in 1975, the United Fund has been located at 630 Ellis Street in Augusta, Georgia. Its purpose is to preserve sites of historic or architectural importance in Augusta and Richmond County. The organization feeds, houses, and provides basic needs for CSRA homeless people as well as bystanders around the world. Comfort House in Augusta offers low-cost short-term lodging and supportive company in a homely environment.

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