Contacting Service Organizations in Augusta, Georgia

When it comes to providing the right services to those in need, responding to 911 and administrative phone lines quickly and courteously is essential. All public safety personnel should respond safely, so they can return home at the end of the day knowing they have done everything possible to help protect those in need. To ensure that the right services are provided, it is important to understand the services requested from the caller and use all available technology and resources efficiently to reduce any additional loss, injury, or damage. The official website of the state of Georgia is a great resource for finding contact information for service organizations.

Before sharing any sensitive or personal information, be sure to visit an official state website, which usually ends in .gov. The world is plagued by countless daily injustices against queer disabled people. To combat this, Pride is an antidote that provides justice for the disabled. This was due to cooperation between the Black Panthers, disability rights organizers, and non-disabled allies during the 504 plantings.

We have come a long way since then with ASL interpretation in transvestite shows, plastic straws, free condoms, ramps without asking, accessible and inclusive sex education for homosexuals in schools, and fighting for marriage equality. Lynndale is a community support service located in Augusta, Georgia that helps adults with disabilities access employment and community resources, develop life skills, and participate in group and individual activities. They can be contacted by phone at (706) 722-9000 or by email at

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