Veterans Services in Augusta, Georgia: A Comprehensive Guide

Augusta, Georgia is a great place for veterans and their families to find the services they need. The CSRAEOA offers the Veterans Family Support Services Program (SSVF), which provides support services and limited financial assistance to very low-income veterans. This program offers confidential help in a non-medical setting, including counseling for depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and military sexual trauma (MST).The VA Regional Office and Medical Center in Atlanta, Georgia is responsible for providing services to veterans and their families in the state. The VA outpatient clinic provides primary care and mental health services, while the VA Regional Medical Center in Augusta provides health care services.

The Georgia Department of Veterans Services (GDVS) also serves veterans, dependents, and survivors in matters related to veterans benefits. The Augusta Veterinary Center coordinates referrals for substance abuse counseling to both the Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center and local community organizations. The Success Center staff at the Augusta, Thomson, and Waynesboro campuses and the Grovetown Center provide academic support services to Augusta Tech students. The local GDVS office in Athens provides GDVS services to veterans, dependents, and survivors in Barrow, Clarke, Jackson, Madison, Oconee, and Oglethorpe counties. The local chapter of the VFW is a veterans services organization that provides assistance and support to veterans in the Athens area. AMVETS is another veterans services organization dedicated to improving and safeguarding the rights of American veterans.

Augusta Technical College is committed to creating business and industry associations, as well as providing training and services that support the development of the local workforce. The Augusta Veterinary Center has 3 experienced counselors who provide individual counseling to any veteran or service member who has experienced military sexual trauma. These services are available at no cost, regardless of the nature of the discharge, and without the need to be enrolled in VA health care or to have a service-related disability. Bereavement services are also offered to family members of veterans who were receiving veterinary center services at the time of death or family members of military service members who died while on active duty. Augusta, Georgia is a great place for veterans and their families to find the resources they need. From counseling for depression, PTSD, MST, substance abuse counseling, academic support services, GDVS services, VFW assistance, AMVETS support, and more - there are plenty of options available for those who have served our country.

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